Hootsuite: Automate your social media

Ever wonder how to post to all of your social networks without the hassle of posting to them individually? Ever wonder if you can build a brand without the rigors of actually ‘building a brand?’ Ever wonder if you can put the professional into the personal or vice-versa? Brand awareness is key to building yourself and your company, and so look no further. Hootsuite is here!

So what is Hootsuite, what does it do, and how can I make it work for me? It is, in fact, a suite of powerful social media and brand awareness tools. In the words of Hootsuite taken directly from their site, Hootsuite allows you to manage all your social media in one place – from finding prospects to serving customers, Hootsuite helps you do more with your social media – you will learn how Hootsuite can make connecting with customers faster, smarter, and safer. You can do more with social in less time, measure your social ROI, and protect your brand on social. This will allow you to directly save time by managing all of your social media marketing efforts from a single dashboard, make smarter data-driven social media and marketing decisions with confidence, and improve your reputation while protecting your brand on social media by tracking messages and mentions.

Below I will walk you through how to create an account so that you can start automating your social media posts and gain additional recognition and brand awareness today, hassle free.

We will start by setting up a free 30-day trial. Navigate to the Hootsuite landing page located at https://hootsuite.com/ and select either of the ‘Start Your Free 30-Day Trial’ or ‘Sign Up’ buttons.

Select the Professional edition’s Free 30-Day Trial. Researching further into the different product offerings is left for you to explore on your own time.

You will be brought to a page asking you to input all of your personal information including credit card information. Once completed, select the ‘Start My Free Trial’ button at the bottom of the form and continue forward (the button is not shown in the image below)

Once selected, you should be brought to a page that looks something similar to the following in which you are able to choose a tutorial to help you accurately and effectively understand and use the Hootsuite platform.

The left sidebar gives you options to create steams of social media content, automate and set rules for your media content, and so on and so forth – thereby taking the difficulty out of individually controlling each social media account you choose and putting you, the user, back in the power seat!

The web-based software is pretty simple and intuitive to figure out and use. As always when in doubt or if you have questions about setting things up right the first time – check out YouTube and search for applicable videos. This truly is an extremely powerful tool, and when used correctly will take loads off of your proverbial plate and ease the burden of managing multiple social networks in multiple places over time.

Not to forget, there are also web browser extensions available for ease of use, such as Hootlet with AutoSchedule for Chrome. Simply search your web browser’s extension library for what you are looking for and behold.

Use wisely and enjoy, I highly recommend securing the paid version once the trial has ended, time alone will afford you the ability to make a value added decision in moving forward. However and once again, the choice to succeed is entirely yours.

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