WHOIS.net to find your perfect domain!

Once it has been decided to build your own personal or professional brand – it is necessary to find or create a custom domain name to match whatever it is you wish to market or sell. This can easily be done through an open service called WHOIS.net which allows millions of users just like you search and register their perfect domain each and every day with simplicity and ease.

WHOIS.net sources data from independent registrars and registries, such as GoDaddy and Network Solutions, and maintains accurate and timely information about current domain name ownership as well as information about those respective owners. In other words, if you are actually interested in creating a website and you are in dire need of a professional domain name that doesn’t simply append another service’s name to yours, then your first step is to search this database.

As a side note, ownership can be masked. Masking is, for all intents and purposes is a good idea, a very valuable approach to protecting your personal information and is generally accepted as good business practice.

The steps and directions are as follows:

First, navigate your web browser to the WHOIS.net site which is located at https://whois.net/ – a preview of the page you will land on is shown below.

In the search bar, type in the web address you are attempting to secure for yourself – domain name extensions such as .com or .net or .org or whatever else you prefer are not required. The search will attempt to locate any and all available addresses with any and all available extensions across the entire web for you. For this tutorial, I am using the example ‘registereddomain’ as my potential web address of choice.

Once entered, click search or hit enter to commence the search. If the name or web address you seek is registered already and unavailable for use, you will see a page similar to the following. Note that the search results return your intended domain name and the fact that it is currently registered – if you chose not to append your own extension to your intended domain, by default the service automatically appends the .com extension for you as it is the most popular. The search results also detail the current registered owner – if masked, which is an option among purchase with all registrars, you will simply see the registrar and server information itself and not the owner’s specific information (always a good idea to mask your presence online). Lastly and of importance, the results will also detail other potential ideas that you can choose from similar to what you entered and any and all available domains that you entered with other extensions that are available.

Let us say, however, that you are really set on having a domain that you made yourself. Simply navigate back to the main WHOIS.net home page or locate the search bar at the top of the existing page and type in a new domain name that is customized to your liking and click the search button or hit enter to commence a new search with your new idea.

If your newly intended domain name is still unavailable, you will be brought back to a page similar to the one that we just witnessed detailing the fact that the domain is already registered and listing potential other possibilities. However and hopefully, if your newly intended domain name is available – in this case I used ‘currentlyunregistereddomain’ for tutorial purposes, you will be forward to a page similar to the following which allows you to move on to purchase or add or select other existing domain names with additional extensions as well. Remember, the service automatically defaults to the domain name with an appended .com extension if none other is chosen. Choose which option(s) you prefer and move on.

Once you have decided on your perfect domain, you can click the ‘> Buy This Domain’ button as shown above. If selected, you will be presented with the following screen. You do not, however, have to purchase your new domain in this manner. You are more than welcome to continue to another domain name registrar, such as GoDaddy or Network Solutions, and utilize that company’s service instead. The remainder of using an outside provider is out of the scope of this article – I leave that to you for further research and decision making. Nevertheless, below is shown an example of what you will see if you do choose to purchase through the methods listed above – cost per yearly registration which can be changed to multiple years which are subject to ever decreasing costs, the WHOIS privacy option which is always a good decision so that your personal information which you are required by law to give your registrar upon purchase is not readily available to the public, any mail forwarding options such that you can create personalized and professional email addresses with your custom domain name rather than using a generic one through Gmail or Outlook, and of course the secure option to finalize and checkout. If any help or assistance or further questions are required of you before purchase, simply call the hotline or email the assistance address in the box shown below and you will receive whatever assistance you require.

In culmination, you have just borne witness to the quickest, simplist, and more sure-fire way to search and locate an available custom domain name for you or your business. Simply navigate to the WHOIS.net lookup tool and commence your search – it is very well sourced, documented, and updated with pertinent information by law from registrars and registries all over the web. If a domain name is what you need in order to succeed, this is the tool for you. Remember though, you are not required to purchase and make your decision through this site, the above tutorial regarding that above is for simplicity purposes only. You are more than welcome to navigate to the registrar of your choice and make your decision there. With anything regarding business, as all good and aware entrepreneurs know – do your research.

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